Student Growth Objectives

Submit with ease, as all SGO related fields automatically populate, along with Staff Evaluation scores, in time for the end-of-year Submission.

Teachers Can…

  • Direct access to the State and Local test data, limited to the students enrolled in the course/sections for which they are writing the SGO(s).
  • Ability to record local benchmarks into the Realtime Gradebook for increased flexibility in establishing each student’s baseline data.
  • Use that test/benchmark data to create a portfolio of assessments and establish an accurate baseline to develop the SGO.
  • Then sort those students according to the portfolio/test scores to be in ascending or descending order.
  • Place students in preparedness groups based on the average of assessment portfolio/test scores and establish target scores.

Track Growth
  • Check student progress regularly; monitor and adjust preparedness groups when appropriate.
  • Revise SGOs in compliance with State timelines and resubmit for approval with edits (ability to include supporting explanation).
  • Use the system to score the results of the SGO(s), via student, and in total, with the ability to add/remove students as appropriate.
  • Access current and prior SGO forms and results via a Professional Growth tab specifically for teachers.

Informed Management

Approvers Can…

  •  Use forms modeled after the State SGO forms and default access to any / all (Simple, Tiered, Revised).
  • Create a library of SGOs (including the State exemplars) that the teachers can select as starting points, then edit for their use.
  • Allow teachers to upload a completed SGO (PDF document) as an alternative to developing the SGO online, and then use Realtime functions to manage the approval process.
  • Allow teachers to submit SGOs to multiple SGO “approvers” when appropriate for consistency and transparency.

  • View student test/benchmark data used by teachers to create their SGOs and to assign students to Preparedness groups.
  • Streamline the SGO approval process and offer suggestions for revision (paperless).
  • Access the completed/approved SGOs and use SGO status and reminder/notification screens to help manage the submission process.
  • Monitor teacher’s SGOs (mid-year check-in) with quick access to individual Student’s scores and averages.
  • Option to automatically post SGO scores in preparation for the NJSMART submission.

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