Response To Intervention

With the release of Realtime’s NEW RTI module we continue our guarantee to keep New Jersey School District’s up-to-date and compliant with everchanging state requirements including QSAC.

Create “rules” using individual or combinations of data elements within Realtime’s database (test scores, grades, attendance, discipline, etc.) with defined thresholds. Apply these “rules” to groups of students to identify those students at risk, and then assign those students to appropriate tiers.

District maintained a library of interventions and support services aid the assignment of interventions and/or services to individual students. Create “packages” of interventions and/or support services that can be assigned to groups of students.

Once the interventions/support services have been assigned, enter data into the progress monitoring function to produce reports and graphs. Use those reports and graphs, combined with updated data elements, to review student progress and adjust level(s) of interventions/tiers as necessary.

Should a referral to 504 or CST be necessary, the identified student’s RTI data is seamlessly made available to the respective team.

The entire process can be done online (paperless), with timeline/date tracking, automatic notification, updates and reporting, in a concise and organized manner.

Realtime has an expert available to help define and implement district policies and procedures.

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