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Through the secure Parent and Student Portals, Realtime creates the opportunity for your administrators, faculty, and staff to obtain and share information quickly and easily.

Here are some examples of how a Portal would provide important information:

Parents enter your district Portal to view their child’s schedule, attendance records, grades, school calendar, district personnel contact information, download forms and view special information, notices or postings. While there, parents may email a staff member or connect to the teacher’s grade book to view information such as their child’s test results, homework grades, assignments, worksheets and web links. By providing the Parent with access to the Portal, more parents are connected and involved.

Students may view their schedules, lunch menus, after-school activities, announcements, and obtain authorized contact information for teachers, administrators, and co-curricular advisors. Students may also have the capability to access homework assignments, class notes, and grades. Your students are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You Decide What Information to Share and With Whom, Built-in Security Ensures Only Authorized Access

The Parent and Student Portals are fully customizable, both in appearance and content. The information that is accessed, the functions allowed, and the individuals permitted access to the Portal is all designated and maintained by you. Secure technology is utilized to ensure that access to your district Portal is restricted to authorized users. Realtime customizes your Portal’s access matrix based upon your district’s requirements. A letter writer function is included to inform users of their initial user ID and password. We even include a link from the system’s contact manager to allow district personnel to view exactly what the parent or student will see.

Successful schools have involved parents. With Realtime’s Parent and Student Portals, parents get involved and stay involved; students and teachers are connected.

Parents can interact with administrators and teachers without worrying about taking a day off from work or getting a babysitter – the school’s lights are on 24/7. The success of a Parent Portal is determined by how easy it is for Parents to obtain the information they need. Traditionally, if parents needed information on their child’s progress, accommodations, or records, they would need to make a phone call, and more than likely, schedule an appointment. With limited resources available, schools are unable to efficiently satisfy the demands of parents. Subsequently, uninformed families and lack of communication can be detrimental to a student’s success.

With Realtime, we address the issue at the source.  By keeping parents informed and involved, they are satisfied with their child’s educational experience.  Realtime’s Parent Portal provides access to all of their child’s records from the comfort of their home or office using any internet browser.

Parents can interact with administrators and teachers without worrying about taking a day off from work or getting a babysitter – the school’s lights are on 24/7. Better access equates to better parenting.

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