Staff Evaluations

Our Staff Evaluation system manages more than paperwork—it manages a process, including meetings with teachers, timely feedback and a chronology of teacher growth.

Works with any evaluation model or instrument, as well as varied teacher observation rubrics, principal evaluations, specialized walkthrough forms, and evaluations of non-certificated staff across the district.

Since it is event-driven, it handles documentation of Pre/Post- Observation Conferences, Formal Observations, Walk-Throughs, Action Plans, Professional Development Plans, and Annual Summative Evaluations.

District forms associated with Pre/Post Observation Conferences, End-of-Year reflection or professional development goals can be sent to staff members as a survey through the Realitme notification system.

Customize your rubric with features such as a Scripting page, a Summary page for final narrative notes, and a Title and Signature page that you design yourself.


Reportable data includes details from the implementation of the teaching observation rubric, observation scores or evidence, proof of mastery, and success in calibration, all stored in a format that can be accessed and used by the district when needed.

Allows for calibration of Evaluators specific to their application of the teaching practice instrument to ensure continued accuracy and consistency in ratings (inter-rater reliability).

It will also provide reporting features to include the tracking of student improvement as well as staff development.

Management and Scheduling

The system starts with a calendar to schedule observations, assigns an evaluator to each staff evaluation and provides a running record of the number of evaluations assigned to each evaluator.

District Administrators schedule their observations purposefully by peeking into a teacher’s Realtime daily lesson planner and choosing the most appropriate day to visit.

Choose an exact date to observe, which writes the appointment to your calendar, or let the system keep you on track using your default date settings.

View your calendar at any time by Staff Evaluation Event and see a customizable list of open (incomplete) events to help schedule your observations by the day or week.

The system generates notifications of Pre/Post Observation meeting invitations, includes RSVPs and return receipt options, and documents all associated meeting notes and outcomes.

Stay informed as members of an administrative team by sending notifications of completed and posted staff evaluations.

Since it is tied to the SMID data (personnel) it knows certifications, tenure status, and dates.

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