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The Food Service Module extends the full power of the Realtime Student Information System to your district’s cafeteria staff and management. It includes POS and Parent Portal inquiry.

Staff, medical personnel and parents are instantly updated on all aspects of a student’s food purchases and account status. The Food Service Module includes powerful tools:

  • System management and reports are maintained centrally via the internet, but Points of Sale are installed locally to guard against temporary internet outages.
  • Customizable Points of Sale with a touch screen and a cash drawer. Meal and menu creation by day, week or month, for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • Customizable price plans for students, staff, and guests.
  • Student identification through keypads, student ID barcode or fingerprint recognition technology. Student pictures may be displayed on the screen to verify student identity. Student account management allows students to make purchases using prepaid accounts, lunch tickets, cash, checks or credit card.

  • An intuitive user interface allows a single entry to record the student’s purchase and post the change to the student’s prepaid account. Printing of individual or group lunch tickets.
  • Management and reporting of Federal meal programs.
  • On-screen alerts of a student’s attempt to purchase a second meal or foods not authorized for Federal reimbursement.
  • All Federal and State reporting including Edit Check Worksheets. Accounting and Federal meal program information is shared between Food Services Personnel and District Administration.

With full integration comes the real power of Realtime Information Technology.

In addition to the features of the stand-alone module, integration of the Food Service Module with the core Student Information System offers unparalleled power, flexibility, and ease of use:

  • Eliminates the need to add, delete or maintain student information in separate databases.
  • Parents are able to view purchases and nutritional information, as well as update student accounts via the Parent Portal.
  • Cashiers receive on-screen warnings of a student’s food allergies at the Point of Sale when integrated with the Nurse module.

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