Cost Savings

A stable environment that works every day at a fraction of the costs of a traditional server and software installation.

In tough economic times and declining budgets, you are expected to do more with less. With cost and time pressures, how do you ensure continued excellence without burning through resources? That’s where Realtime lets the sun shine through.

Realtime delivers immediate and quantifiable cost savings, while ensuring the ability to rapidly respond to the changing academic environment. Since Realtime is internet-based, computing hardware and expanding IT budgets are a thing of the past. There are no huge upfront costs, no unexpected maintenance charges, no added support staff and no surprise expenses. This can save you as much as $1000/sq ft in data center construction costs alone.

Realtime’s internet-based systems are in step with the paradigm shift taking over the US computing industry and follows the shift from mainframe to client-servers in the early 1980’s. You no longer need expertise in the technology infrastructure that supports your school system. Once Realtime is deployed, we monitor and maintain the hardware and service around the clock. You do not have to depend on a full IT department to get consistent service.

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