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Your staff will be more informed, more in control of their data, and more able to help students succeed.

Realtime is a comprehensive Student Information System that provides a solution for School Districts to cut through all the clutter and regain control over their student data. Our System is totally web-based and 100% secure, eliminating the need for in-house servers, backup procedures, and software installs, freeing financial resources and IT personnel to focus on more effective tasks.

Realtime can be accessed from any internet connected computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Realtime organizes and maintains all aspects of scheduling, grading, discipline, nurse’s office and medical records, IEPs, 504s, rankings, transcripts, student and staff attendance, enrollment, contact information, and State Reporting as well as many other built in and optional modules.

If a school district needs it, it is available. When you need us, we are there to help. You’ll be supported by an in-house staff that’s totally dedicated to exceptional service. If there is ever a problem, we guarantee you will be back up in minutes rather than days or weeks. Our system allows our service team to see what you see, reducing the time to answer a question or solve a problem.

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