Realtime Link for Parents®

Successful schools effectively communicate with parents. With Realtime Link for Parents®, parents are seamlessly connected to the information they want and need with the convenience of a Mobile App.

Realtime Technology is there where you need it and when you need it.

Convenient and Powerful

Through the secure Realtime Link for Parents® Realtime creates the option for parents to obtain up to the minute student information, and district communications, with the everyday ease of a mobile application. A parent has peace of mind knowing that access to the Realtime Portal is available anywhere and anytime on a smartphone or tablet and that important school messages may be instantly received as notifications.

Flexible and Secure

Districts may customize Realtime Link for Parents® with images, fonts, text, headings, and district, and school-specific features to create a unique user environment. The information that is accessed, the functions allowed, and the individuals permitted to access Realtime Parent Link® is consistent with the parameters set by the district for the Realtime Portal. Touch ID login (when available) via a mobile device provides added security.

Parents sign-up for access on the Realtime Portal and then download the free App from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play and customize it for their use. The App provides parents with district notifications and student information that are available to them on the Realtime Portal.


Parents can select which information based notifications to receive and when to receive them—time of day and frequency. Notifications can be set to be received at a certain time of day. Push notifications include:

Cafeteria Low Balance | Daily Attendance
Gradebook | Assignment Posted | Assignment Graded
Overall Grade Changes | District Communication

Student Information

Information from the Realtime Portal may be viewed using the convenience of Realtime Parent Link®: student attendance, gradebook information, schedule, report card, are some examples of the information available.

Just one more reason to choose Realtime

More powerful, more convenient and more secure access to cutting edge technology is what makes Realtime the only choice for your school district, faculty, students, parents and community.

Customized appearance for District
Sample welcome screen
Notification settings may be customized
Sample home screen push notification

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