Fairview Public Schools

Maryann Bennetti

Having worked in various roles within the district, I have had the opportunity to use many of the features within Realtime. The platform is easy to navigate and the reports typically provide me with the information I need as the grants director.

Clifton School District
Charles Holland

Clifton School District
Charles Holland

I still get vendors calling me up. I tell them, don’t even start pitching me – I have no interest. I use the best product that’s out there today there’s no reason to bring you in. They ask me, what are you using? I say Realtime. And they say, oh, OK, like there’s no reason to even continue speaking to me if I already found Realtime.

Coach/Team Lead/Technolology Integration Specialist, Benway School
Julie Morganti

Realtime is organized in a user-friendly manner. Realtime has made printing reports easy, printing reports that would normally take a day or two, takes a few clicks of a button.

Principal, Hammonton High School
Thomas Ramsay

I’ve been using Realtime and couldn’t be happier with their product and service. Being a New Jersey-based company Realtime thoroughly understands the increasing demands placed upon our public schools, and consistently enhances their software to meet the ever-changing needs of our district.

Old Bridge Township School District
Carylee A. Johnson

Realtime is a very user-friendly and intuitive system that makes complex tasks easy to accomplish.

Curriculum/Special Education/District Administration, Archway Programs Lower School
Monica Donley

Realtime customer service is wonderful. Any time I have had an issue, I was able to get it fixed fairly quickly. If it was a little more complicated, it was usually resolved in a day or two.

Boonton Public Schools
Rene Toledo

Realtime SIS is a simple and straight forward hosted platform that effectively & securely manages our K-12 District’s student information. The various modules from Notifications to Point of Sale, helps our District streamline the various functions necessary for schools to operate and communicate successfully. Support and Development has been top notch and very responsive and knowledgeable. As a smaller sized District, we continue to benefited from the challenges and successes Realtime has achieved in both large and small District in our State.

Administrative Assistant, Blairstown Elementary School
Colomba Kampfe

We switched to Realtime the year that I was hired in 2007. I came from a computer programmer background (old time COBOL) so I was excited to learn and work with the Student System. I was impressed with the user interface and ease form the start! The training team who physically came out to set up and train us were some of your best. I am happy when I call into the support desk and every now and then, they answer, and we get to catch up! This is a testament to Realtime on knowing the value of good staff, thus them wanting to be a part of your team for so long. I can’t be any happier with the support desk, or with the responsiveness to the ever changing state requirements. Thank You !

Office of Special Services, West Milford Board of Education
Megan S. Pepe

Thank you very much for your assistance. This is definitely the best tech support I’ve gotten from any provider in a long time.

Principal/Assistant Principal, Discovery
Denis Cretinon

We have always received outstanding support for any questions we had. Training for new features we subscribed to was also very useful.

Board Office, Hazlet Schools
Joy Derechailo

Thanks for all of your help this year, it was really a pleasure working with you at Realtime and it really is a much easier process for us, and we did see a difference.

Boonton Public Schools
Robert Presuto

We currently have been using all of the available modules for over 3 years now. This has both saved us a considerable amount of money as well as vertically integrated student and staff record keeping. NJSMART and federal/state submissions are (literally) as easy as running a report of existing data in their system.

Curriculum/Special Education/District Administration, Bancroft
Elizabeth Riley

The customer service that’s comes with using the Realtime information system is unparalleled – we haven’t had a problem they couldn’t solve!

Waretown School District
Elaine Chiarella

I personally have had a wonderful experience with the tech support from the staff at Realtime. It’s been a pleasure working with such helpful, knowledgeable and friendly people. Thanks so much.

Cliffside Park School District
Michael Romagnio

Our needs are met on a daily basis by a pleasant, competent staff who are always willing to go above and beyond. Realtime is great and easy to use. We have been with Larry Ullman for 17 years even before Realtime.

Coordinator of Technology Services, Wood-Ridge School District
Scott E. Hughes, Ed.D.

Last summer I submitted the NJSmart Course Roster submission for Students. After taking the data from Power School, NJSmart reported roughly 9500 errors. Needless to say, this took me weeks to fix. Today I submitted the same report from Realtime data to the NJSmart portal for the test window phase. Out of 9700 records, I had 0, zero, nyet… errors. While summers can be crazy for a tech department of 1, I am happy to know weeks won’t be spent on NJSmart. Additionally, the end of year School Registers and NCLB reports were submitted to the State on the first try – without any errors. Your program and staff have been a pleasure with which to work.

Shared Service Administrator, Manchester Regional High School
Brian Zinn

Having worked with both PowerSchool, Genesis, and Realtime there is no comparison. Realtime, for just the reporting, customer service and technical support blow the doors off the competition. In my opinion, it is the best out there.

Office of Technology, Camden County Technical School
Carol Hill

We use their Teacher Evaluation System and the Special Education Module. Everything can be uploaded to NJSMART from here. I would highly recommend them. Realtime’s support is second-to-none. There’s always a real person on the end of the line when you need them.

Boonton Public Schools
Robert Presuto

Of all aspects of Realtime which I feel set it apart from other SIS’s is their accessibility and customer service. The staff at Realtime are truly educational partners in my school community and I cannot say enough good things about their professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Old Bridge Township School District
Carlee A. Johnson

The staff at Realtime are constantly integrating and compiling the many new State requirements and reporting into the Realtime software. This is particularly apparent with the Special Education Module where the massive amounts of data flow seamlessly to create the NJSMART special education file.

Cliffside Park Public Schools
Frank Savastano

For over two decades, Realtime has been an indispensable partner in managing our student information. Their commitment to excellence shines through both in their feature-rich platform and their exceptional support team.

Hammonton School District
Barbara Ruberton

We have been very pleased with the Special Education Management Module and have found by using Realtime, our reporting throughout the year and at the end of the year are easily completed and submitted. We are very pleased with Realtime and look forward to a continued relationship with Realtime.

Shared Service Administrator, Manchester Regional High School
Brian Zinn

A huge benefit of Realtime is it consolidates SIS, Special Ed, GradeBook, Lesson Planner, Cafeteria Management and Emergency Calling service. All this is provided at large savings over all those separate components. We couldn’t be happier.

Hammonton Public Schools
Joseph C. Martino

Realtime Student Information System has single-handedly changed the way we report state data. Never have I worked with a company that makes date reporting of NJSMART so easy as with the Realtime SIS. They have been able to tackle the unique reporting needs of our district with services and support that are second to none. We honestly would not trust any other student information system.

Technical Institute of Camden County
Eva Cetrullo

Whenever I call the Customer Support Center they have gone out of their way many times and have always come through for us. It is so nice to know that you can count on someone to follow through. If makes our school feel connected to Realtime. I don’t think many schools can say that about their student software providers. Much Thanks.

Administrative Assistant, Blairstown Elementary School
Colomba Kampfe

We switched to Realtime the year that I was hired in 2007. I came from a computer programmer background (old time COBOL) so I was excited to learn and work with the Student System. I was impressed with the user interface and ease form the start! The training team who physically came out to set up and train us were some of your best. I am happy when I call into the support desk and every now and then, they answer, and we get to catch up! This is a testament to Realtime on knowing the value of good staff, thus them wanting to be a part of your team for so long. I can’t be any happier with the support desk, or with the responsiveness to the ever changing state requirements. Thank You !

Old Bridge Township School District
Carlee A. Johnson

With the ever-expanding demands of NJSMART reporting, it gives us great peace of mind that we have Realtime for our Student Information System.

Hammonton School District
Amanda Eccles

I recently was asked by the Technology Supervisor to assist in preparing for the NJ Smart submission. My job was to correct all the errors before the state submission deadline. I had been working on this for weeks prior to the submission snapshot. Around that time, I received an email from Realtime on ways to utilize Realtime tools to prevent NJ Smart errors. Before this email from Realtime, I had approximately 50 errors still listed in NJ Smart. After following the steps, a new snapshot was taken. I was now down to 8 errors. I would have been researching each of the 50 individual errors for days. Thank you!

Cliffside Park School District
Michael Romagnio

Realtime has fulfilled all of our district’s student administration needs. It’s internet-based capability is very popular with our staff because it gives them the ability to enter and retrieve information both in the workplace and at home. The new Parent Portal has received very positive feedback from parents who are now able to access student information 24/7. This has improved communication between our school and the community.

Technology Department, Ramsey School District
Karen Khoury

OMG – can I say that? Thank you SO VERY MUCH for creating this export for me. This will save hours of work every month and I can see us using this for many various purposes. Thank you again for giving this your prompt attention!

Clifton School District
Charles Holland

For what Realtime has done for Clifton, and their honesty, Realtime was the right choice. It’s the best move we’ve ever made.

Food Service Director, Oakland School District
Brenda Picone

Having your Point of Sale (POS) system since September, I wanted to express my gratitude for you and your team’s availability and professionalism whenever I have made requests or had questions. The prompt responses and creativity that you, your programming team and support have shown when accommodating my District’s needs and quirks, has made it a pleasure to do business with Realtime. I wanted to thank you for making my life easier this year and look forward to September.

Clifton School District
Charles Holland

I don’t miss writing code at all. The support is so good I don’t miss it.

Office of Special Services, West Milford Board of Education
Donna Hines

This has been a very difficult year for us, but I just have to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help. You’ve always solved our problems, and done so quickly and easily. Thanks a million!

Administrative Assistant, Frelinghuysen Elementary School
Carolyn Stracco

The Realtime staff is wonderful. They are very responsive and helpful and have great follow thru.

Cliffside Park School District
Michael Romagnio

Training and implementation have gone over very, very well. 99% of the staff could enter progress reports and grades with no assistance. Teachers say that they like using it as they can do it at their own leisure, even from home. Reliability, ease of use, and customer support are excellent.

Administrative Assistant, Green Hills School
Janice Faraone

Every time I call or email, the response is immediate and the person is always able to assist me. It is a pleasure working with the Staff at Realtime!

Technology Director, Hampton Township
Sean Jans

Realtime support is among the best I have ever encountered. The support team is courteous, respectful, professional, and above all – helpful! Nearly all of my issues are resolved at haste, which I love and appreciate. Thank you to all on the Realtime Support team!

Administrative Assistant, Hardyston School District

Nicole Meyer

I was part of the team selecting and converting to Realtime many years ago. The training was top-notch, support immeasurable, and the updates in the system to align with the State of New Jersey accurate and timely. Would recommend Realtime to any district.

Administrative Assistant, Hunterdon Preparatory School
Cathy Smith

Even though we are a small school, with some unique issues, I very much appreciate the full attention that the Realtime staff has always given us, just as if we were their biggest customer.

Technology Director, Jefferson Township Schools
Rich Gherardi

The various modules meet all of our needs as far as the various modules, and is based on NJSMART reporting so everything is always up-to-date and compliant with NJ reporting standards. We have been on the platform for many years at this point, but NJSMART compatibility was one of our primary considerations when we selected Reatlime as our SIS. Approachability and responsiveness of the Technical Support staff was another primary concern–our experience with Realtime has been far superior to your closest competitor.

Administrative Assistant, Little Falls Township Public Schools

Andrea Marchesani

I have been in District for 14 years, therefore, using Realtime for 14 years. I find Realtime to be user-friendly, with very responsive customer support. I enjoy working with Realtime and learning new features each and every day.

Administrative Assistant, Lyndhurst Public Schools
Anne DeForge

Realtime is always keeping up with the needs of the district, whether is it something that is needed locally or required by the state. The support employees are always so helpful, friendly and readily available!

Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, Merchantville School District
J Scott Strong

One of the key strengths of Realtime is its user-friendly interface. The intuitive design of the system has greatly contributed to the seamless integration of student data management into our daily school operations. Our staff has found the platform easy to navigate, allowing for efficient and accurate input of student information, grades, attendance, and other essential data. This ease of use has significantly enhanced our ability to maintain accurate records and focus more on the core aspects of education delivery. Equally noteworthy is the exemplary support we have received from the Realtime team. The responsiveness and dedication of your staff easily meet our expectations. Whenever we have encountered any challenges or sought clarification on specific features, the Realtime support team has been quick to assist. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to resolving issues promptly have been crucial in ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing utilization of the system.

Technology Director, Mount Olive Public Schools

Tracey Saunders Lucy

Realtime is all round a great Student Information System. It provides the tools necessary, from on-demand training videos to user groups on specific topics. It provides enough information and support for success. Realtime have a great network of schools and do not hesitate to put you in contact with other districts to see how things are run. Their support communications is one of the best in the business they always follow up and provide answers to any questions you may have.

Data Admin/State Reports, Ramsey School District
Linda Wrisley

Realtime is an exceptional SIS, Student Information System. The Realtime system is outstanding in, efficiency, reliability, and customer support. One of the most remarkable features of the system is the availability of live, and knowledgeable personnel. The ability to reach out and receive immediate assistance at any time of the day has been very beneficial, eliminating the frustration of waiting days for a response and ensuring uninterrupted workflow. The willingness to assist, the warm reception, and the friendliness demonstrated by the support staff is refreshing.

The system is intuitive, user-friendly, and equipped with a wide array of features that cater to educational institutions. For instance, just to mention a few, the Special Education module is all-inclusive and user-friendly, the NJ Smart reporting component is efficient and they are dedicated to following the state requirements to a T, the course, scheduling, and, grading module for all grades is remarkable the way it all works hand in hand, and the notification system is outstanding. Again just to mention a few wonderful advantages that Realtime has to offer.

From seamless data management to streamlined communication channels, Realtime offers a comprehensive solution that enhances productivity and facilitates informed decision-making. Thank you for your continued dedication to excellence.

Technology Director, Ramsey School District
Ryan Kenny

As someone who has been in a few different districts and has experienced a few different SIS platforms, I can say that Realtime has the best and most responsive customer support out of any SIS Platform that I have ever used. In a day and age of companies being purchased by larger companies and personalized customer support being lost in the process, having the ability to call and talk to the different representatives at Realtime, most of which we have relationships with and understand our district, our needs and what we are looking to do is invaluable. The product is great, they are one of the few SISs to have their own, built-in Special Ed component as well as their own mass communication platform. All that said, for me, Customer Support is the number 1, 2 and 3 reason to choose Realtime.

Administrative Assistant, Ridgewood Public Schools

Patricia Kowalczyk

Realtime staff are not only responsive, but always receptive to changes that are requested. They take the time to listen and analyze the request to make the change a possibility. If a change is not going to be possible, the reason why is explained thoroughly. Most times a solution is reached that works for both the system and users.