Scheduling is a key task that can take weeks and months to compile.

Realtime’s scheduling module is one of the most sophisticated applications available to K-12. The course catalog and course file carry a large amount of important data required for scheduling, master schedule construction, interfacing with State reporting (SCED), graduation requirements, online course selection, and student placement. The master schedule is created through an interactive Master Schedule Builder which facilitates the period of courses as well as selection of teachers and room resources. Student course requests can be entered in 4 ways:  1- by the counselor, 2- by mass update, 3- via the teacher placement module, and 4-online selection through the parent or student portal. The scheduler is particularly effective for class balance and includes numerous options to facilitate various types of schedules including traditional, block, rotate. It also provides a method for scheduling in-class support by placing the students within an existing section, rather than in a new separate section. Automatic handling of pull-out classes such as science labs is provided. It allows for parent and/or student selection of a prioritized elective list which diminishes requiring counselors resolving conflicts as part of the scheduling process. The scheduler is fully automated and integrated with the SIS.

Powerful Features

Course Requests:

The effectiveness of any scheduling suite requires the accurate collection of Course Requests gathered from teachers, students, and parents, together with counselors and administrator’s full involvement. Realtime offers four powerful ways of assembling course requests and analyzing them before the scheduler is ever executed:

  • Counselors can review Course Requests individually with students and indicate their approval by updating the Counselor Review Complete status.
  • Save time by using the Global Course Request process to mass assign Course Requests to student groups.
  • Teacher recommendations quickly become Course Requests using Realtime’s Teacher Placement module to ease the burden on administrators.

Other Course Request Benefits:

  • Use Course Request sets to assign lists of courses to students in one step.
  • Ability to assign regular ed and in-class support to one section
  • Course Requests can be customized to Pre-Schedule a specific section of a class.
  • Previous course history can be displayed when maintaining Course Requests for an individual student to assist in making course selections.
  • Robust, interactive Course Request analysis reports, such as:
    • Pre-Requisite Analysis
    • Counselor Review Status
    • Course Request Updates
    • Review Portal Requests
    • Prescheduled List
    • Course Request Lists by Students or Course

Pre-Schedule Analysis Reports:

Realtime provides comprehensive Pre-Schedule analysis reports that examine the Master Schedule and Course Request details.

  • Teacher Matrix
  • Potential Conflict Matrix
  • Course Section Balance
  • Room Utilization
  • Master Schedule Balance


  • Once data has been accurately collected further analytical reports lead to the visual Master Schedule Builder which aids in eliminating singleton and doubleton conflicts, to prepare more effectively for the Master Schedule batch scheduler which assigns students to all classes.
  • Realtime provides comprehensive Pre-Schedule analysis reports that examine the Master Schedule and Course Request details.
  • The Realtime scheduler allows for flexible customization to optimize each run to get the results you want in lightning speed.
  • Schedule your inclusion students and staff with ease to ensure accuracy in state reporting. The scheduler verifies the required classification when assigning students to inclusion seats.
  • The scheduler provides the ability to pair students to be scheduled together or apart in a class.

  • Courses can have pre-requisites assigned – these can include prior courses or be based on state or local test results.
  • Semester-based courses can be set to ensure they are scheduled in the correct order.
  • Efficiently schedule courses with meeting times that don’t match the marking period structure.
  • Courses can be linked to be scheduled based on their period patterns.
  • The scheduler honors district set course priorities and allows for additional student level sub-priorities.
  • Elementary scheduling can be processed in one click using the Homeroom Scheduler.

Schedule Optimization:

  • Automatically create Master Schedule sections to mass assign teacher duty and prep periods.
  • The Study Hall Scheduler can find open periods in students’ schedules by period or pattern. Study Hall sections can be created and maintained from this powerful program.

Schedule Distribution:

Realtime provides numerous ways to share student schedules. These include:

  • Portal with options to select from multiple views
  • Realtime Link mobile app to access the schedule anywhere, anytime
  • Print options include List, Block and Mailer
  • Schedule Letters
  • Customizable Class Lists

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