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Project Management


Welcome on board with Realtime, it’s now time to get the project started with a good kick-off! The first step is for you to choose your Realtime Security manager and assemble your team. Your team needs to include the leaders for key functions (District Admins).  Realtime will assign you an Implementation Specialist(s) who will guide you through the entire process and act as your project manager. Assembling your team may take some time but is a crucial step in the implementation process and ensures its success.


Let’s Meet

Once all the team players have been identified and the project kicked-off, it’s time for the project team to get to work! Typically, the first step in the actual process is to have a planning meeting with your Realtime Implementation Specialist, district admins, and your project manager. If multiple modules are being purchased there may be more than one planning meeting. One for the core system, then smaller planning sessions for the various department modules.  This is especially important for larger districts and results in a smooth transition. Your Realtime Implementation Specialists collaborate together to offer your district the best advice and options for your district’s needs. We have seen it all!!!

Agenda for planning:

  • Go Live Dates: When do you want to go live with Realtime, and what are your timelines for individual sub-modules?
  • Schedule Training: How many training sessions will your district require? Who needs to attend the sessions? The sooner we get training dates on the calendar the better. We all know the district calendar fills up quickly.
  • Discuss Data Conversions: What are your options? What have other districts done? We will provide your district with templates, data dictionaries, and examples.
  • Discuss Integrations: Your district may be excited to integrate with other systems. Let’s talk about your options and plan for integrations.
  • Make the announcement: Let your district know the exciting Realtime news and provide dates for training. Be excited!

Setup/Data Conversion/Integration


After refining the implementation plan, it is time for the first software build out. Your Realtime Implementation Specialist(s) will work with our development and technical team to begin the work on configuration and set up your new Realtime database. Based on your requirements, timelines, and modules, your software shell will be configured to meet your needs.

Data Conversion

This is where the real fun begins, let’s get some data in there.

  • Your data coordinator will need to work to gather and provide your Realtime Implementation Specialist(s) the required data to get up and running.
  • Of course, there is always clean-up, but we will do our best to find issues ahead of time and offer suggestions to make this process as smooth as possible.
  • Once the data is loaded, your team will need to verify that all the legacy data is in the new system as expected.


If any other system integrations will be required, your Realtime Implementation Specialists will work with your leads to establish an FTP and begin the export and import processes.


With the data imported, and something to look at… it’s time to get Training! Based on your planning sessions and district’s needs, your staff will undergo a combination of the following types of training:

  • Live Hands-on Synchronous Training onsite at the district! Yes, we come to YOU!
  • Live Synchronous and Asynchronous Webinars
  • Recorded Video Tutorials
  • Step-by-step User Guides and Help Documentation


Your Go Live Date has arrived… Your system is now fully operational, and users begin to use the system in “Realtime” data.

This is an exciting time for everyone… Including our Support Staff here at Realtime! A Go-Live announcement will be sent to our Support Departments with a list of District Admins as well as a rundown of your system configuration and data conversion.  Congratulations!!!


Don’t worry your Realtime Implementation Specialist(s) are still here for you, but you also now have access to the greatest support team in New Jersey! Our support department is here for your district for any questions and/or technical help you need as you get going. Just read our testimonials, once you choose to make the switch to Realtime, you will never look back.

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