Imagine a totally integrated electronic Grade Book with functionality beyond anything you thought possible.

With Realtime’s Grade Book Module, teachers spend more time on instruction and less on record keeping.

The GradeBook interacts directly with the Student Information System to provide immediate grade updates. Realtime has designed a GradeBook that will interact directly with the Student Information System to provide immediate grade updates for report cards, progress reports and more. Students latest quiz grade or homework assignments can be viewed once posted by the students and their parents via the Portal.

  • Teachers can create category-based assignments with Due Dates, Assignment Dates, Short Titles and Long Titles. Teachers can attach links and documents for Parent Portal viewing.
  • Teachers are notified of New, Transferred Out or Dropped students.
  • Teachers use a tool to separate students into color-coded workgroups to indicate differentiated assignments. Assignments can be divided into Sets or Units so the teacher can view all assignments in one Set.
  • Students and their schedules are maintained by the district staff in charge of the student registering and scheduling.
  • Assignments can be ungraded or graded. If graded, teachers can use Points, Letters, Percentage or Checks.
  • District Administration has the choice of defining the Categories and Weights by Department or this can be defined by teachers.
  • One click posts Grade Book averages to the progress or marking period grade. This grade can be reviewed and updated by teachers if necessary.
  • Settings and categories with weights can be copied from previous years.

  • Student Profile Report will list the student’s progress to date within the marking period. This can include parent signature and date line if requested.
  • Parents have web-based secure access to district-defined Grade Book data via Realtime’s Parent Portal
  • All assignment data can be copied to other courses taught by the teacher.
  • Extra Credit is allowed for all numerically graded assignments.
  • When grading an assignment the SET ALL function allows for quick grade entry.
  • Grades of Incomplete, Missing or Excused are also available.
  • Create Private or General Notes when grading assignments.
  • Reports include a Blank Worksheet with student names and Course Profiles with Grade analysis.
  • Administrators can access the Grade Book and individual student reports.
  • Create Private or General Notes concerning students. Create a unique identifier for each student to sort the student roster in ID order. Also, use the identifier to replace the student’s name on listings.

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