Our Notification System extends the full power of the Realtime Student Information System and enables administrators to connect with the school community via multiple communication channels.

The Realtime Student Information System integrated notification/alert feature enables select school district staff to send important messages directly from the SIS, improving the flow of information and eliminating the need to purchase additional services.

  • From school cancellations and absentee notifications to event reminders and general announcements, messages reach parents and staff reliably and within minutes – allowing schools to improve communication, improving safety, security, and preparedness.
  • Parents can use Portal options to select the notifications: Text Messages (SMS), Email and/or Voice Messaging – to match their needs and lifestyle. Since the Notification System integrates with the Core Realtime Information Technology SIS, users experience unparalleled power, flexibility, and ease of use.
  • Eliminate the need to add, delete or maintain student information in two databases – a Student Information System and a Notification System.
  • No need to manage two different data systems with separate log-ins and inconsistent or incorrect contact information.
  • Guarantees message consistency and quicker response time.

  • Teachers can contact classes, coaches can contact teams, and advisors can contact club members.
  • Messages typed into the system will be turned into EMail, SMS text, and synthesized speech. All can include conditional fields so times, names and other data can be personalized within the message.
  • Or, just call a toll free number and simply record the outgoing message. Various reporting options show what messages were sent to whom and when. A record of each message is stored in the student records to document contact was made.
  • The system can do a limited number of language translations based on the “Language Spoken at Home”, LEP entry for the student contacted.
  • Notification is yet another fully integrated SIS feature that demonstrates the power that Realtime Information Technology brings to your district.

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