REALTIME organizes and maintains all aspects of scheduling, grading, discipline, nurse's office and medical records, IEPs, 504s, rankings, transcripts, student and staff attendance, enrollment, contact information, State Reporting as well as many other built in and optional modules. If a school district needs it, it is available.

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Client testimonials

Gayle Butler

Technical Institute of Camden County

"As a post-secondary institution that charges tuition and miscellaneous fees, we have an enormous accounting responsibility and Realtime has been a lifesaver for us. Realtime has created an entire accounting package that fully meets our needs and far surpasses what we have been doing with QuickBooks. The reports that we are able to create will satisfy our auditors, which is always a big plus!! Special reports were created so that we can see exactly who is enrolled and has paid tuition and who has not; these reports have been a big timesaver for me. Realtime has responded to all of my requests (and changes) in a very timely fasion; problems that always arise with new software have been addressed immediately. It has been a pleasure working with such a responsive staff. Thank you, Realtime!"
Eva Cetrullo

Technical Institute of Camden County

"Whenever I call the Customer Support Center they have gone out of their way many times and have always come through for us. It is so nice to know that you can count on someone to follow through. If makes our school feel connected to Realtime. I don't think many schools can say that about their student software providers. Much Thanks."
Eliane Chiarella

Waretown School District

"I personally have had a wonderful experience with the tech support from the staff at Realtime. It's been a pleasure working with such helpful, knowledgeable and friendly people. Thanks so much."
Michael Romagnino

Cliffside Park School District

"Realtime has fulfilled all of our district's student administration needs. It's internet based capability is very popular with our staff because it gives them the ability to enter and retrieve information both in the workplace and at home. The new Parent Portal has received very positive feedback from parents who are now able to access student information 24/7. This has improved communication between our school and the community. Most importantly, our needs are met on a daily basis by a pleasant, competent staff who are always willing to go above and beyond. Realtime is great and easy to use. We have been with Larry Ullman for 17 years even before Realtime. Training and implementation have gone over very, very well. 99% of the staff could enter progress reports and grades with no assistance. Teachers say that they like using it as they can do it at their own leisure, even from home. Reliability, ease of use, and customer support are excellent."
Ellen Devine

Lyndhurst School District

"Everything about the system is great. No one feature stands out as there are so many. The software has many strong points. Anything can be done with the click of a button. I went to a demo for another product. The deciding factor was customer service - absolutely. District wide, we never had a problem. Anytime I need something, I know whoever answers the phone will take care of it right away. Realtime saves days of work. It is a beautiful thing, to work from home. Registration from home, transcripts - all from home. I have access wherever I am."
Dr. David Sleppin

Fairview Public Schools

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the new homeroom scheduler provided by Realtime. I used it this year to prepare elementary student schedules for my entire school district. As you know, it is not easy to prepare elementary student schedules. However, the Realtime homeroom scheduler was easy to use and made a difficult task much easier. Thanks again!"
Helen Roemer

Lacey Township School District

"I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. We appreciate it very much! Your support department has always been there and it means a lot."
Michael Asmus

Director of Technology, North Arlington Public Schools

"Considering all that has taken place over the past few months, I felt the need to send you this email of compliments. When I set out to find a new program/vendor to handle our Student system requirements a few years ago, I knew that choosing your company and your "Realtime" system was the right decision. I know that your staff is always busy helping us out and always busy designing and developing; while at the same time trying to keep up with all the State and Federal changes. So I just wanted to send you a brief note to say "Thank You and Well Done" for every way that you and your staff help us. I also want to thank you for allowing me to work directly with some of your developers in enhancing or adding certain functions, and for letting us freely test certain modules before we make a decision to go with them. It is rare in the business world to find a company so willing to work with its customers.

Again, my (all of North Arlington's) compliments to everyone at Realtime, Inc."
Carol Widmer

Ocean Township School District

"If you are considering converting to Realtime, you will wish you had made that decision a long time ago!  The NJ State Report card, ASSA, and the NCLB have never been so easy to compile! Questions are welcomed.  Assistance is prompt, complete and happily given.  You can't get better than Realtime! Realtime is like opening a present everyday when I come to work! I really do feel this way."
Thomas Ramsay

Principal, Hammonton High School

"I've been using Realtime and couldn't be happier with their product and service. Being a New Jersey based company Realtime thoroughly understands the increasing demands placed upon our public schools, and consistently enhances their software to meet the ever changing needs of our district. Larry's extensive background in education provides him with a unique perspective that allows Realtime to offer an exceptional school management system."
Charles Holland

Clifton School District

"I don't miss writing code at all. The support is so good I don't miss it.  I still get vendors calling me up. I tell them, don't even start pitching me - I have no interest. I use the best product that's out there today  there's no reason to bring you in.  They ask me, what are you using? I say RealTime. And they say, oh, OK, like there's no reason to even continue speaking to me if I already found RealTime.

For what they've done for Clifton, and their honesty, RealTime was the right choice. It's the best move we've ever made."
Barbara Ruberton

Hammonton School District

"We have been very pleased with the Special Education Management Module and have found by using Realtime, our reporting throughout the year and at the end of the year are easily completed and submitted.  We are very pleased with Realtime and look forward to a continued relationship with Realtime."
Amanda Eccles

Hammonton School District

"I recently was asked by the Technology Supervisor to assist in preparing for the NJ Smart submission. My job was to correct all errors before the state submission deadline. I had been working on this for weeks prior to the submission snapshot. Around that time I received an email from Realtime. This email was addressing ways to utilize Realtime tools to prevent NJ Smart errors prior to doing the submission snapshot. Before this email from Realtime, I had approximately 50 errors still listed in NJ Smart. I followed the recommended steps listed in this email from Realtime. After following the steps, a new snapshot was taken. I was now down to 8 errors. I would have been researching each of the 50 individual errors for days. Instead, I utilized the tools that Realtime made available and spent about 1 hour, not days making corrections. I wanted to thank all of you at Realtime. Due to your constant support, state requirements knowledge, insight into school necessities and an unending willingness to listen to suggestions or requests, you have continually made my job easier and more efficient. Thank you!! "
Carylee A. Johnson

Asst. School Business Administrator, Old Bridge Township School District

"With the ever expanding demands of NJSMART reporting it gives us great peace of mind that we have Realtime for our Student Information System. The staff at Realtime are constantly integrating and compiling the many new State requirements and reporting into the Realtime software. This is particularly apparent with the Special Education Module where the massive amounts of data flows seamlessly to create the NJSMART special education file. Realtime is a very user friendly and intuitive system that makes complex tasks easy to accomplish. "
Joseph C. Martino

Supervisor of Technology, Hammonton Public Schools

"Realtime Student Information System has single handedly changed the way we report state data. Never have I worked with a company that makes date reporting of NJSMART so easy as with the Realtime SIS. They have been able to tackle the unique reporting needs of our district with services and support that are second to none. We honestly would not trust any other student information system. "
Bud Wrigley

Supervisor of Technology, Gloucester Township Schools

"Using Realtime, along with the Special Education Module, has made NJSMART reporting much faster and easier. Now, as annual IEP meetings or reevaluations are held all the pertinent data is updated. Now, with all the data in one place under Realtime, October 15th is, dare I say, just another date on the calendar!"