Programs - Food Service

The Food Service Module allows staff to create menus by day, week or month for breakfast, lunch and snacks with customized price plans for students, staff and guests.

Student identification is via key pads, ID barcode or fingerprint recognition. Student pictures display on the screen to verify identity. Student account management allows students to make purchases using prepaid accounts, lunch tickets, or cash. Intuitive user interface allows a single entry to record the student's purchase and post the charge to the student's prepaid account.

Our programs also manage the reporting of Federal meal programs while accounts and Federal program information is shared between Food Services Personnel and District Administration. Best yet, integration with the core SIS eliminates the need to maintain student information in separate databases. Parents can view purchases and nutritional information via the Parent Portal. Cashiers receive on-screen warnings of a student's food allergies at Point-of-Sale. That's Realtime.

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