Benefits - For Staff

With Realtime, information is a useful tool rather than a clerical burden, and it enables school staff to do their best work.

The staff (secretaries, nurses, lunchroom personnel, custodial staff, technology staff, etc.) are the backbone of a successful school. Although they work behind the scenes, staff members keep the school running in an orderly manner and enable teachers, administrators, and students to interact in an efficient, clean, and healthy environment.

However, with the increasing number of services needed in schools, it is becoming more difficult for schools to organize individual departments and keep everyone on the same page. With Realtime, critical information is available to everyone, and there are clear lines of communication 24 hours a day.

With Realtime, staff members are fully informed and have the communication lines they need to keep administrators and faculty informed as well. The System handles all the data collection needs in a school district, from classroom attendance to lunch purchases (including the tracking of food allergies). Secretaries have electronic versions of all forms. This leaves the IT staff free of server and database management tasks so they can focus on the school's technology needs. A nurse who has a student's medical records on the screen in front of her is more efficient and can do more to help the child.

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