Benefits - For Students

More access leads to more student involvement. With more involvement comes more success.

Information is power! When it comes to student information, access is power. Better access makes for better students and that is the core of Realtime SIS.

Ask this question to any student or any parent - how many times during the school year do you realize you don't know what the homework assignment is? Or you don't understand the homework assignment that's due tomorrow. Maybe the question should be, how many times a week?

Through the power of Realtime's integrated Student and Parent Portals accessed from any web browser, families can view grades, report cards, rankings, progress reports, as well as homework assignments, worksheets and all associated web links. In addition, they can see the cafeteria menu, account balance, and what was purchased for lunch (or breakfast) on any given day. Want to find out what clubs or sports are available to you? Log-in to Realtime and see your choices. Curious about how you did on the last Social Studies exam? Log-in to Realtime and view your current grades.

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