Benefits - For Teachers

When your information is integrated and easily at your fingertips, teachers have more time to teach. And after all, that's what this is all about.

The reason that most people join the ranks of teaching is because they care about young people, care about the ways in which the minds of those young people are shaped, and believe that they have something positive to bring to that experience.

In an increasingly information-driven society, teachers are doing less teaching, more paperwork, and what suffers most is the learning process. Teachers are required to keep grades, monitor IEPs & 504s, prepare Progress & Discipline Reports, and a multitude of other duties in addition to teaching students.

Realtime gives teachers the ability to take the reins back. A teacher in control is a teacher who has more time to develop engaging lessons, work one-on-one with students, and actually teach. With Realtime, you are done with the bubble sheets, non-standard grade keeping software, and the endless stream of paperwork in the mailbox. All grading, progress reporting, monitoring of IEPs & 504s, discipline activities, etc. are done using Realtime. And since the System is internet based, teachers can access the data anywhere, anytime, using their personal security login to our secure data center.

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