Benefits - For Administrators

A more informed and efficient administrator is able to run his or her school that much better. It's that simple.

Do you ever find ever yourself in a situation where a seemingly well-intentioned change in the State or Federal reporting requirements means days, weeks, or even months of long hours trying to make the school compliant? It doesn't need to be this way.

We believe that a change in the reporting requirements should equate to a quick phone call and an instantly updated system. With Realtime, it's attainable.

So when the next inevitable reporting requirement or change arises, you are ready. We know that the more information you can access, the easier it is to make your school district the best it can be. Because you need all of this information at once to effectively do your job, the task is almost overwhelming. Our internet-based system (with the highest level of security in the industry) allows you immediate access to scheduling, student registrations, attendance and reporting, all through your internet browser.

Renee's back in the office again? Log-in to Realtime and have all of her discipline records, grades, contact information and IEPs on the screen in front of you. Easier and quicker access to this information makes you more informed and efficient.

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