About Realtime

Realtime Organizes
And maintains all aspects of scheduling, grading, discipline, nurse's office and medical records, IEPs, 504s, rankings, transcripts, student and staff attendance, enrollment, contact information, State Reporting as well as many other built in and optional modules. If a school district needs it, it is available.

Realtime Utilizes
A state of the art server facility eliminating the need for school districts to maintain expensive in-house servers and dedicated IT staff to keep their systems running. Our servers are housed off site at a 100% secure location so that you know your data is safe.

Realtime is Intelligently
and intuitively designed so that learning the system is quick and easy. Users gain access to the information they need, when they need it, with minimal training.

Realtime is Managed
By a team of software and application experts with 50+ years in the educational software business.

Realtime is Supported By a Staff
dedicated to exceptional customer service. If there is ever a problem, we guarantee you will be back up in minutes rather than days or weeks. Our System allows our customer service team to see what you see, reducing the time to answer a question or solve a problem.

Realtime Guarantees
100% compliance with New Jersey and Federal reporting requirements. And when those requirements change, we update the System remotely the moment the change happens.

Realtime is the Most Integrated
and comprehensive student information system available to NJ School Districts at a fraction of the cost of other systems that are less secure, less functional, and less useful to you.

More About Us

Benefits overview

Cost Savings

A stable environment that works every day at a fraction of the costs of a traditional server and sof...

Ease of Use

Your staff will be more informed, more in control of their data, and more able to help students succ...


With Realtime, you can get the information you need, when you need it. Satisfaction Guaranteed....

State Reporting

Realtime guarantees 100% compliance with New Jersey and Federal reporting requirements....

For Administrators

A more informed and efficient administrator is able to run his or her school that much better. It's ...

For Teachers

When your information is integrated and easily at your fingertips, teachers have more time to teach....

For Students

More access leads to more student involvement. With more involvement comes more success....

For Parents

Parents can concentrate on what's really important, and schools get better results for everyone....

For Staff

With Realtime, information is a useful tool rather than a clerical burden, and it enables school st...